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Mr. Feng Luo

Manual Therapist

Mr. Feng Luo was a former orthopedic surgeon in China for eight years before moving to Canada. He went to the University of Western Ontario to earn his BSc.PT. Feng established his own clinic in 2004, and developed an effective treatment system called the AOS approach. The practice has been well accepted by thousands of patients nowadays.

About AOS(Art of Symmetry)

The core of AOS treatment system is to look for the asymmetrical factors in terms of body surface landmarks, muscle strength, superficial sensation, aura, and internal energy flow, and to provide treatment to make the two sides of the body more similar or energetically symmetrical.

A proper alignment of the pelvis and an obstacle free energy flow inside the body are the two most important elements in the AOS treatment. To achieve them, we divide the human body into six layers: the central nervous system, endocrine system, internal organs, connective tissues, musculature, and skeletal system. We use the 20 meridian channels and the chakras system to connect the six layers. We developed a set of gentle hands through techniques that influence the six layers, meridian channels and chakras points. Through years of observation and manual practice, we found sets of reflex points for the internal organs, central nervous system, endocrine glands and meridian channels located in human ear, around the spinal column, forearm and hand, and lower leg and foot. Strategically activating those reflex points can have profound positive effects on health, not only for specific common conditions such as local musculoskeletal pain or injuries but also for general well-being.

In AOS treatment system. we see any symptom as the tip of an iceberg. Treatment the symptom is to cut the tip. We find the cause of the problem and to address the entire icebery. To achieve this, no matter what the reason is for the visit, the treatment program will normally include 4 visits to scrutinize and adjust the entire body to achieve its balanced state: a properly aligned spine and pelvis with sufficient support from the core, obstacle-free interanl energy flow, and normalized aura and chakras systems. My patients wll also be advised on sitting and standing posture, walking pattern, an specific therapeutic exercises for weak links in their bodies.




Manual Therapy Assessment and Treatment(HST Included)

  • $120.00 for initial assessment and treatment.
  • $80 for the follow up treatment.
  • $80 for treatment within one year return patients.
  • $100.00 for more than one year return patients.




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